Ironman Training – Week 4

This is an updated version of the “Week 4” post on my old site.  I wanted to add a piece here.  You will understand why I am doing this thing if you go to the “Ironman Training – God’s Proving Ground” link in the column to the right.  Part of what I have learned through 2007Pikes Marathon is better how to relate to God and as part of that, how he speaks to me.  He has helped me to understand that because he is living within me, not all my thoughts are my own.  God communicates to me in my thoughts, and some of them originate from him.  (Why do I even think that all my thoughts are my own when the creator of all things is living within?  How prideful I must be.)  There have been a couple of specific times in 2007 where I feel God has very dramatically invaded my head.  One of those happened this week.

I am working nights this week.  That involves admitting patients to the three major Wichita hospitals from 7 PM until 6 AM each of the 6 nights I am on call.  This duty rotates through our group so that each of us only has to do it every 2 or 3 months.  It is bittersweet because the workload is actually less than when I am working days, but the hours are just plain weird.  I really have come to understand that the whole light-dark-circadian rhythm thing is very real.  It will goof you up if you don’t respect it.  Not to mention just being on a whole different schedule than Karmen, my boys, and the entire rest of mankind.  So it can also be rather difficult emotionally and mentally and physically.  Well God helped me realize that this very thing is part of how he has restructured my life for my Ironman training (and I really believe this in my core to be the case).  Not only has he moved me to a job that allows me to have the time to do the longer hours of endurance training that I need, but he has also given me opportunity to work on mental toughness, the very thing that this night thing requires.  It takes mental toughness to complete the Ironman.  How great it is to see God by my side relating to me and working on me, for me, and through me.

Week 4 is going well. As I said last week, this turned into a sort of hybrid week due to an unexpected adjustment in my work schedule. So I have been in endurance workouts the first part of the week (Swim 30″, Bike 1′ 40″, Run 1′ 15″). I did each of these workouts twice. The rest of this week will be intervals in each of the disciplines. Next week will be endurance again with all of the above listed times extended.

I did have a small setback with a “squeaky tendon” in my left foot. Not sure how it developed but it did. I ignored it and ran 7 miles on it which was stupid because it made it worse. So I did swim and bike workouts and completely rested on day and then was able to run 1′ 15″ today on it with minimal problem. The condition is known as tenosynovitis and occurs when the tendon sheath inflames causing friction with the tendon moving within it. Hence the pain and hence the squeak. If you listen with a stethoscope, as Karmen and a couple of friends have done, you can hear the squeak. It’s like a cool party trick.

The picture is of me near the top of Pikes Peak at the 2007 Pikes Peak Marathon.  Bill, my racing partner, is behind me.  We finished in 7 hours 30 minutes.  And then I threw up over and over again for 6 hours.  What fun.


2 responses to “Ironman Training – Week 4

  1. That was beautiful…the throwing up part, I mean. :o)

  2. Hope all is well with your knee and training by now. I’ll have to read the “Into the Wild” book.

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