Karmen and I were talking about good and bad in the world today and how God is involved in it. More specifically, we were talking about how song lyrics have seemed to carry new meaning for us in 2007 after going through a personal growth series called Breakthrough. One realization that has come to us is that there are many people in the world who are searching and who produce very deeply spiritual material that says something of their search. Often, Karmen and I find that their search and ours are the same. We are all searching ultimately for the same meaning. For the same relationship. And even though they may not claim that God is involved. He is. Anywhere that there is anything good occurring in the world, it is there that God is working to advance Karmen CU Gamehis kingdom even though those involved in that good work may not see it. Even when there seems to be overwhelming evil in a place and then a smidgen of good appears, I believe that God is at work there too. All good is traced back to God. It is the result of his work.

So I view God at work in the world like a constant pressure of goodness. A relentless pressure of goodness that will not let up or go away. And this relentless pressure of goodness is all around us all the time as God working to advance his kingdom and redeem his creation. And this relentless pressure of goodness will eventually always win. I likened it to Karmen as a comparison between two football teams, one bigger and stronger and more powerful and one smaller and slower and less powerful. The smaller team may for a half keep up with the bigger team. They may even appear to be ahead. But eventually the better stronger faster smarter athletes exert enough pressure throughout the game that the lesser team is overcome. It cannot stand indefinitely against a power greater than itself. It gets worn down and then crushed. I think of God’s goodness in the world in that way.  It will eventually and ultimately crush all that is evil.  God’s goodness is relentless.


One response to “Relentless

  1. it’s early and you are making me think already. i love the line, god’s goodness is relentless.’ I personally believe that there are only two ways to view God: God is involved in everything. God is involved in nothing. There are variance of those diametrically opposed thoughts, but most of the stuff in between just doesn’t make logical sense. Both views are difficult to manage. The easier ones are the ones in the center, where God cares about me because I do this that or the other. These ‘middle views’ are filled with denial and narcissism….and require ‘BLIND FAITH’ which is more blind than faith.

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