Week 6 and 7

The Thanksgiving holiday got me backed up a little All But Karmen CU Gameon updating my training portion of the blog. Plus, I’ve been working the entire holiday (lucky me), and it has been hectic. My job is great because I get a lot of time off. But when I am at work I am hoofing it. And I am choosing to view that as mental toughness training. Sometimes my job is relentless and kicks me when I am down. How better to train for mental toughness. Tomorrow is the last day of this stretch, and then I will have 2 weeks to devote to endurance training. That rocks!

So last week was a hybrid week. The first half I finished off my last endurance week with a long swim of 40 minutes, a long ride of 2 hrs 15 minutes and then a brick (which refers to bike followed by a run) of 2 hours. Then I have run 5 miles several mornings over the holiday weekend. That was week 6.

Week 7 will be getting back to endurance training with pushing all the distances again up to a bike of about 2.5 hours, a swim of 50 minutes, and a run of 1.75 hours. It feels really good to be training again. I keep picturing myself at the race in different situations. How will I handle this or that? How will I look here or there? And all of those pictures involve me finishing. I will finish an Ironman.


2 responses to “Week 6 and 7

  1. The most painful experience has been betrayal and/or abandonment by friends; people I thought I could count on. But it happens. And I have to remember they have their own pain and struggle, too. But to stay open to life after such experiences is certainly the exercise of great courage. The tendency is always to become self-protective. And that just closes you in.

    I’m puzzled, though, about the phrase that refers to being faithless and therefore trustworthy. That’s opposite to my way of thinking. What does it mean?

  2. That poem/writing? is awesome! I love that.
    I kind of have the same question LHL has. I’m not clear on the faithless/trustworthy phrase either. Maybe you or someone else with much greater insight can fill us in. :o)
    That’s worth forwarding to Dr. P

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