Not Gone

I thought I ought to say something so people don’t think I’m gone off somewhere in the boonies.  I’m here and am checking all your blogs.  I’m heavy into my ironman training, and it is going well.  I have just felt quiet in my soul.  Not quiet like dead, but quiet in a peaceful way.  There hasn’t really been anything real inspirational come to me lately.  I am reading for enjoyment, The Brothers Karamazov, instead of education or inspiration.  I just feel quiet, like my soul is resting.  It kind of feels good.  I’ll get back to posting soon.


3 responses to “Not Gone

  1. Your kidding. I just started reading “The Idiot” by Dostoevsky.

  2. “…the heart of it is this: to make the Lord and his immense love for you consitutive of your personal worth. Define youself radically as one beloved by God. God’s love for you and his choice of you constitute your worth. Accept that, and let it become the most important thing in your life.” Quote in Brennan Manning’s The Rabbi’s Heartbeat.

    “Years ago, I related a story about a priest from Detroit named Edward Farrrell who visited his uncle in Ireland on his eightieth birthday. …they got up before dawn and went walking along the shores of the lake watching the sunrise. …suddenly the uncle turned and went skipping down the road. His nephew said, “You look really happy.” “I am, lad.” “Want to tell my why?” His eighty-year-old uncle replied, “Yes, you see, my Abba is very fond of me.”

  3. Upon your return, I would like to make a special request for a new post with the title of “why our hearts continue to beat.” I would be interested in your response to this question from a professional and personal one.

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