Ironman Arizona 2008 – Been There, Done That!

Well, it wasn’t glamorous, but it’s done. Completed. I finished, which was my main goal. Karmen, Jack, Jace, and I are still in Tempe having a day of rest so this will be a short post. I have been eating a lot of junk today (and drinking a Dew or two). I just wanted to get a note down here for all who may have been following or interested. I owe a huge thanks to Karmen, Jack, Jace, and my dad and mom who stayed out for 15 and 1/2 hours following my progress. They were at every point they could be along the course to encourage me as I completed each lap. They are awesome, especially Karmen, who has put up with all my compulsiveness about this.

In short is was a brutal day approaching 100 degrees with sustained 15-20 mph winds. Approximately 500 athletes did not even finish including 4 pro’s. I had some issues with moderately severe dehydration and hyponatremia which bought me about an hour in the medical tent before I started the run, but I did not quit and finished strong at 10:30 PM last night. I feel tired today and moderately sore in places, especially the areas around my buttocks and the bottoms of my feet not to mention a few muscles here and there. I will post on the details later.


8 responses to “Ironman Arizona 2008 – Been There, Done That!

  1. Pam Flesher

    Great Job Doug! Glad you made it through the grueling race.

  2. frenchgirl

    doug, we were following your progress online last night, and we were so relieved to see that you finished when we checked the results in the morning. congrats–what a huge, huge accomplishment. they were slow posting some of the results on the website, and we were so worried when we thought you were out of the race. awesome job!!

  3. Congratulations! We were following online and some texting too. What an accomplishment of will and determination. Rest well my friend.
    Dr. Paul

  4. Scott & Jeannine

    Congratulations! What an amazing thing to accomplish. Enjoy the junk food and Mt. Dew, you surely deserve it!
    Congrats again,
    Scott and Jeannine

  5. Wow, great job!!! We were following your progress online and praying for you.

  6. Eric & Cathy

    Dude, it was so cool to watch you cross the finish line live (on-line). Cathy & I were so stoked that you made it. We think you’re a stud.

  7. yeah! what an amazing accomplishment.

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