Lyrics: “Interstate Love Song”

Sorry for the lack of posting, specifically to the canon for not being present on your blogs much either. I’ve been on call again for the 8th freakin’ week out of the last 16. Not supposed to happen, but it did, and I’m done. My schedule those weeks is so goofed up that I find I only have room for my work, my family, and my triathon training. One thing that I have to do followed by two things that I love to do. Everything else gets left behind. Now I can catch up a bit. Thursday Karmen and I leave for 4 days in San Diego. No children. Just us and her aunt and uncle whom we adore. Then I have the entire next week off to spend with my boys while Karmen goes off to do something else that she loves with people she loves. 11 days off total. And boy do I need it.

I want to get a more significant post down tomorrow, but tonight I thought I would just put some lyrics down. The Stone Temple Pilots with “Interstate Love Song” are taking center stage tonight.

Waiting on a Sunday afternoon

For what I read between the lines,

Your lies.

Feelin’ like a hand in rusted shame

So do you laugh or does it cry?


Leavin’ on a southern train
Only yesterday you lied.
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by.
All of these things you said to me.

Breathing is the hardest thing to do.
With all I’ve said and
All that’s dead for you,
You lied – good bye.

Leavin’ on a southern train,
Only yesterday you lied.
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by.
All of these things I said to you.

So rumor has it that this song is about the writer telling his girlfriend that he was not doing heroine while all the while he was continuing to use. Maybe it is as simple as that. But I can get way more out of it than that as I sit here listening.

I think the song is about relationships. Relationships with people. Relationships with God. Relationships with things. Relationships with the church. Even with drugs. And how we break them. We lie. We are lied to. We shame. We are shamed. And if we are smart, in the end we are honest about what we have done and what has been done to us. And we forgive and we ask for forgiveness. And we move on.

I think that is a much better message. And even if the song is about heroine, sometimes at our worst, when we pour out our souls, the thing that comes out of us has a much deeper meaning than what we assign to it.


6 responses to “Lyrics: “Interstate Love Song”

  1. I think you’re really cool.


  2. there is no such thing as secular! redemption is every where you look! awesome song, awesome insight and crappy schedule man… ugh!

    but priorities! go with those who are in your present reality.. we’ll take care of ourselves on this end. that is.. if there is anyone on this end… i could just be the incarnated internet talking to you… ooooohhhhhh…. ;-D

  3. It could be about heroin use. Remember, addiction is considered the “Liars” disease. And if you think about it, that could be about how he relates to other people, but mostly himself.

  4. Karmen thinks your cool! Just thought I’d highlight that (lol)

    I love some STP songs – this is one of them. I haven’t read much into these lyrics before – but I think you hit the nail on the head – and John’s addition makes a lot of sense also.

    The key is he’s admitting something in the lyrics – and for anyone that writes we know how healing this can be to do. I think he is getting something off his chest – feelings of being rejected and knowing it’s because of his lies/failure to be honest in crucial situations…which is when most of us clam up (too much on the line).

    But honesty is such a f*ckin gift.

  5. Karmen. Not only do I think YOU are cool, I think you are smokin’ hot. Amazing feat to be both cool and hot simultaneously.

    Luke. Thanks for the support. The idea of the incarnate internet freaks me out a bit.

    John. Thanks for the addtion. I am reminded of a guy I just took care of in the hospital. 700+ pounds. Our scale wouldn’t weigh him. In the hospital because he couldn’t breathe due to the pressure on his lungs. I explained the strain on his heart and lungs and that he would be dead in 10 years if he did not take his food addiction seriously. His reponse…he agreed that he needed to lost weight but that he couldn’t get much below 350 because at that weight he is “solid muscle.” How’s that for an addict lying to themself?

    Jason. Interestingly stated. Honesty is a gift, but there is often a bite along with it.

  6. I put this song on my Blackberry – why not – it’s really quite good and this reminder made me realize how much I like the song!

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