Triathlon Training Update

I haven’t spoken much on my triathlon passion of late so I will provide a brief update here. Things are going well. I think I am actually a bit ahead of schedule to be honest.

The newest thing are a set of these. I did some consulting work recently and now can afford them without taking other monies. Triathlon is not an inexpensive passion although I have tried to reign in the costs as much as possible. But it keeps me healthy and relatively stress free and is a valuable investment in myself so I think it is worth it and is money well spent most of the time.hed_3carbrr_07-2t

These babies are known as aero wheels. Their main function is to decrease wind drag. Many different styles of aero wheels exsit from solid disks to deep rims to these tri spokes. Ideally, you would own several different sets and combinations. But with a low end price at $1500 per set, that is for the millionaires who are spanning the globe following their new hobby while their companies make money for them or for the pros who have these wheels given to them or are maybe even paid to ride them. Me, I am in the “working class” triathlete who really just tries to afford one set. So I went with the HED 3’s because they offer the greatest advantage under all conditions for a moderate level rider like myself. Without boring you with wind speed and wind angle data, let it be sufficient to say that these wheels can reduce wind drag by near 50% under certain conditions. This allows two things: the first is the opportunity to go faster with the same watt output, and the second is the opportunity to go the same speed with less watt output. Both of those things can be very advantageous to getting done with the bike leg and onto the run leg. I am so excited that I could hardly sleep last night as I was dreaming about my new wheels. They should be here in about a week, and I have a set of Michelen Pro 3 Race tires coming to put on them. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

So my training is coming along well. I have found a couple of guys to ride with on Friday’s when I do my long ride for the week. They are a bit stronger riders than me so it works me out hard to keep up with them. Kind of like chasing a rabbit. I went 60 miles in about 2hrs and 30min with them last week. I will try to keep up that distance for the next 6 weeks coming into my first race of the season on June 14th, the Kansas 70.3 (formerly known as the Half-Ironman distance: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run). My long run for the week is up to 11 miles, and I will continue to push that to 13 miles weekly. My long swim is already at 1.2 miles. I am riding faster, running faster, and swimming faster than I have in previous years so I feel good about things. I am also doing TaeKwonDon with my boys 2-3 nights a week (I just passed my test for my orange belt) and doing strength training workouts 3-4 days per week. Finally, I have completely cut out “full strength” Mountain Dew now for racing season (which will last until Thanksgiving) and will be consuming only the stripped down diet version until then save for my rest week following race days when I will allow a bit of an indulgence.

I am also trying to get plenty of rest. Rest time is when you actually improve from all the breakdown that occurs during training so I am nappping, sometimes on my office floor for 20min, and getting as much sleep at night as I can. I have also noticed a massage salon near my house and am considering taking John’s advice on incorporating massage into my routine. I am seeing more and more evidence to support it.

So that’s it. 8 weeks to the Kansas 70.3. Then in September the Redman 70.3 in Oklahoma. Then the Sunday before Thanksgiving my second Ironman Arizona in Tempe. If any of you would like to come watch, especially the Ironman as it is the biggest and most fun and in the most exotic location, come on along. It might be a great meeting place for the Canon to actually get some real time together. Just an idea.

I’ll get back to the more philosophical stuff in a couple days. I just finished a book called Saving Darwin and am currently working on Philosphy According To The Dark Knight, Wide Open Spaces, and The Goldilocks Enigma. There should be a lot of good stuff in there to blog about. Thanks for reading.


8 responses to “Triathlon Training Update

  1. Doug,
    Man, I love this new look! Now I have to catch up on your posts since I had given up trying to read them. The joys of aging….At least my eye check went well. No problems, just a major change in my prescription. Once I have my new computer at home I’ll be set!

    Don’t have time to read right now though…tomorrow. Life is just too hectic.

  2. great new format! love it!

    no MT Dew until Thanksgiving?! are you nuts?!?!?! i admire your training man.. i got pregnacy weight to lose here myself.. got a little flabby and i don’t think i’ll get around to getting rid of it until after school’s done.

  3. Wow! That was so quick! Thanks for changing the background colour. I appreciate it. How ever did you change it so quickly? Anyway, thanks again.

  4. Yael. Glad you like the look. Since I was starting to get multiple complaints, I figure I better take them seriously. Hope it is better for you as I’d hate to lose part of the canon.

    Luke. When I was in grad school I didn’t have much time for exercise either. Bought a Nordic Track and tried to get an hour several days a week. Losing the pregnancy weight’s a bitch. Hang in there.

    Julia. I aim to please. Was getting multiple complaints about my dark background. I happen to love white words on a black background, but I’ve got to keep my readers in mind. I have no idea who you are and am just thrilled that there are people whom I don’t know that are checking out my blog. Thanks for hanging around. Feel free to comment more often.

  5. 2 more triathalons – you go Dougie! Hoping the best in the training and in the actual event – win one for the Gipper!

  6. Uh..excuse me, Jason..please is 3 triathlons this year (2 X 70.3’s and 1X Ironman). Don’t short me. Give me some C!

  7. Thought I was on the wrong site, it’s so bright. The HED 3 company did their homework on the blades. Don’t go too fast or you might get lift off. With all the new technology out there, the more money that you spend the faster a normal person can get. After that it takes all of hard work and determination. Keep it up, dude!

  8. LOL Dougie – okay 3 – man you are deadly (lol)

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