Check Out My New Blog (and) Read This Quote

I’ve started a new triathlon blog. If you are interested please check it out. I’m trying to fill a void that seems to exist in the triathlon cyber world. Let me know what you think.

Also check out this quote. I’m reading Jim Palmer’s Wide Open Spaces. On page 23:

“For years I was taught that ‘faith’ is believing there is a God even if you can’t experience him. Maybe instead, faith is believing that what you are experiencing is God.”

Hopefully more on this book and my thoughts on it soon. It just occurred to me that I should sign on somewhere as a book reviewer. I like doing it.


2 responses to “Check Out My New Blog (and) Read This Quote

  1. I never agree with anything 100%, too contrary for that, but I think that quote is a good one.

    My take on this quote: I’m not much for ‘faith’ per se, perhaps the connotations of the word just make me uncomfortable, but my view of life is that what we do has the potential to be God to other people. I remember Rabbi talking to us at a memorial service for a younger woman who had died of cancer. “Where is God in all of this? God is all of us here comforting the mourners.” Perhaps that’s not much of an answer, but I think it may just be the best we can give on this earth.

  2. that quote is pretty awesome! i’m a fan!

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