Vacation Photos

I added a new page for photos and have posted some from our recent trip to the Dominican Republic. I’ll post more as the year goes along.

Please don’t forget about my “Bondage” post as this one now covers it. More comments are welcome there.


5 responses to “Vacation Photos

  1. well let’s see ’em already!

    shutterfly is an excellent site… so is facebook (hint hint).

  2. Luke. I don’t have enough time to keep up with Facebook and my blogs. I would much rather work on my blogs. Plus, the social game on Facebook is not all that interesting to me. I know I’m probably missing out on something by not being a part there. My wife, Karmen, gave up her blog to do Facebook, and I know she loves it. The blog world is more fitting for me I think. The photo sites I have not ever explored. Taking photos mostly seems like a hassel to me. But now that I have an iPhone with me most of the time, I find I am taking more. Hope this is good enough for you.

  3. Karmen’s on there?! cool! have her add me, last name Lindon.

    blog world is prolly more your style but i thought i’d razz ya a bit ;-)

  4. I am buds with Luke on facebook also – and the Naked Pastor…facebook makes a great on-line community and shrinks this large world in some ways (which is why I like it). However, I use facebook in such a marketing way for myself – it rocks!

  5. I don’t do facebook either. I see my kids on it all the time and it just doesn’t interest me that much. Plus, I don’t want to be found by everyone who ever used to know me. I don’t even want to be found by most of the people who know me now!

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