Feeling Quiet

Not sure why. Haven’t fealt really very “bloggish” for the last couple weeks. Maybe I need a bit of a rest from it. Haven’t really been reading as intently as I usually do either. My soul just feels a bit quiet, like it’s resting. And I’m good with that. I have been still slowly working my way through The Sacredness of Questioning Everything by David Dark so I’ll share another interesting quote here briefly from page 114:

“…The many want the Jesus Christ whose name is a secret password into eternal bliss. The few will allow Jesus’ gospel to actually infect the way they think about, talk about, and regard other people. The few will grapple…with Jesus’ always provocative good news broadcast.

If we do grapple with it, our sense of the newsworthy and of who we need to be listening to will be subverted and overturned. We will begin to sense a sanctifying presence in new places. We’ll dream new dreams about ourselves. The remarkable and the holy will show up unexpectedly. Our sense of the world will become one where no human life is unsacred or uninteresting, and there are no nobodies. Every stranger has a story.”


6 responses to “Feeling Quiet

  1. You’re right — that is an interesting quote. We human beings have an amazing capacity for bending the facts and ideas we hear to make them conform to what we already think. Many times I have shared a new idea with someone else (not necessarily something spiritual) and have been surprised by how much it changes when they repeat it back to me. I’m sure my ideas are much less radical than the life and teaching of Jesus, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised if “the many” (which may include me) have a distorted idea of what Jesus is about. Fortunately, He patiently and diligently corrects our distortions when we are willing to listen.

  2. Fortunately, He patiently and diligently corrects our distortions when we are willing to listen.(2reasons)

    What would be really funny if “he” was a “she”. Now wouldnt that be a distortion. ;)

  3. Hey Doug,
    I’m no longer able to blog so just wanted to let you know. Someone is concerned I might make our shul look bad….give me a break. Such is life. For now I need the money so I have to shut up. I hope you will drop me a note via email now and then since I will not be able to comment on your blog anymore. Gotta love the Jewish mafia mentality. It was fun blogging for awhile. Should have known someone would try to get the errant one in line eventually. Lock step is where it’s at you know. Amusing to think that the day after tomorrow I’m supposed to give a d’var. What I would love to say…..Now I get to enter the world of absolute hypocrisy. Selling my soul for a buck. What a deal.

    I was better than that. It didn’t matter. Now I will be worse.

  4. Hello FRT
    Could you email me sometime with what your feeling about Martin Zender’s books? You didn’t say much about them, just that you had read them. I would be interested in your opinion.

  5. yeah.. i’m quiet as well and noticing the lack of comments and posts on your blog as well as the rest of the canon.. and now with Yael out… crap on a stick!

    i just completed my leadership NOW week with the kids and hope to get back into it. hope to hear what your up to soon.


  6. “The many want the Jesus Christ whose name is a secret password into eternal bliss”

    I agree – easy ‘faith-ism’. A faith that requires very little of your actual time – this is what Christianity wants – a fast food sermon complete with a dose of worship on the side. Faith truly sucks in some ways as I see it.

    However, as your quote mentions, if the message of being ‘faith-ful’ (different than faith) can arrive into our vocabulary (to Jesus’ gospel) – things can change as was intended by the people who authored material like Matthew and James (the letter)…which I think give the best authentic picture of what our faith should look like (more doing than feeling).

    Sorry I am so quiet – Greece and all for 20+ days – but I do promise I will raise our readership – I will actively finf people to banter with – and who will also eventually condemn us (lol).

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