Tiger Woods. Very polarizing. Loved or hated. Judged or forgiven. Right or wrong. Probably most people are disgusted with him at this point, or at least dissapointed. But yesterday, Tiger looked like he was back. And he was back because he quit pretending, at least for a few hours.

Glimpses of the old Tiger were back yesterday, and it made for more golf excitement than we have seen in quite some time. And the reason why he was back is because he was authentic. He quit trying to please everybody. He quit trying to be a “role model” for humanity. He cussed. He spit. He threw clubs. He fist pumped. He was a jerk. He’ll probably be fined for his behavior. And that’s what makes Tiger, Tiger.

Superstars are not role models. They can’t be. To be a superstar at just about anything, it takes obssesion with yourself. It takes massaging your own ego. It takes narcicism. It takes out of balance focus. We should not point to superstars as role models for our kids. They are not the kind of people we should want our kids to become. There is a cost to being that good at something, a cost which oftens extends to those who happen to be close to that individual. Superstars are not role models, and we should not expect them to be.

And I for one appreciate Tiger finally return to being who he is. He quit trying to put on the nice face that everyone wants him to have. He let some of the real Tiger come back out. If he’d let a little more out, he would have won the Masters. And I predict that the more authentic he lets himself become, the more his winning dominance will return.

We can’t have it both ways. Ultra-superstars perform at the level they do because they are out of balance and narcicistic. They are not role models. I’ll be the role model that my sons need. I don’t want Tiger or Michael or Lance or Kobe or Peyton or Tom or Bobby doing it. I don’t need Tiger or Michael or Lance or Kobe or Peyton or Tom or Bobby doing it. I want them to be the superstars that they are. They can’t do both.


One response to “Authenticity

  1. Great Post Doug

    I concur, just show me the greatness as an athlete. I will find mentors and role models for life in other realms. Mind you some athletes can be both, it just aint Tiger.
    Say hi to Karmen, hope you guys are doing well.

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